Romney – “To find out which is which, hold a sausage at both ends, or strap to the top of a car”

My friend is trying to troll me with the prospect of President Romney, and to this end posts some commentary from Andrew Sullivan in the Sunday Times:

Romney is clearly much more neoconservative than Bush…he has pledged to launch a US-Israeli war with Iran if it continues to develop its nuclear capabilities; and he would encourage more settlements on the West Bank….Of all his friendships with foreign leaders, none goes as far back or as deep as that with Binyamin Netanyahu, with whom he worked in the 1970s for Boston Consulting Group. One of his advisers, Dan Senor, even recently tweeted “Mitt-Bibi will be the new Reagan-Thatcher”…He has described Russia as America’s “No 1 geopolitical foe” (and his advisers have repeatedly referred to the Russians as “Soviets”)…He is Dick Cheney on steroids…He has pledged to spend 4% of GDP on the Pentagon, a huge further hike over the massive increases under Bush

Let’s be clear: Mitt Romney is  not Cheney on steroids – Cheney fervently believed all of that evil bullshit as a matter of faith. Romney has only come to espouse it because he needed to dance the loony dance in order to win the Republican nomination against a field of clowns.

Just because he’s weaselly scum, doesn’t mean he won’t enact a lot of this stuff, but it’s dangerous and foolish to act as if he believes any of it. Romney’s greatest problem is that he is a massive phoney and he comes across like he learned about being human from Dr. Xargle. The greatest thing standing between him and the presidency is that he’s a conviction-free power-whore, and the best thing we can do about his candidacy is remind everyone that he’s never taken a position he wouldn’t forsake for a marginal polling benefit.

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