…in which the lovable bufoon makes another play at the leadership with some tabloid bandwagonism

Don’t worry, poor beleaguered motorists. Boris ‘£250,000 chickenfeed’ Johnson feels your pain. It just happens to be about a matter over which he has zero responsibility, where he can harness some tabloid generated momentum and where the government has very little room to manoeuvre. Having eviscerated the state in order to cut the deficit, they are hardly in a position to start forgoing sources of revenue, are they?


when it costs more to fill your tank than to fly to Rome, something is seriously wrong

Too fuckin’ right there is. The airlines pay zero tax on their fuel

Oh teach me how not to think….

So, the effort to ignore Sarah Palin for all of February seems doomed:

The story about ignoring Sarah Palin in the media is the top viewed item in Guardian WorldI’m as guilty as everyone else in this – I simply can’t quite believe that anyone so transparently awful can gain political traction, and the incredulity of myself and so many others like me simply feeds the beast. It’s like watching a car crash – pure rubbernecking. The take-home fact from her latest poll figures is that 19% of the American public still have a positive view of her. What is wrong with those people?