Yet more insane hi-jinks from corporate psychopath Sony

It’s geeky, but the story that Sony have got subpeonas to get the IP address to GeoHot’s PS3 jailbreak site is well worth following. ‘Jailbreaking’ in this context means the same thing as jailbreaking an iPhone – usurping the restrictions that stop you installing your own software on hardware that you paid for. Ironically, the impetus for this work came from Sony having originally shipped the PS3 with the ability to run it as a Linux computer, and then removed that functionality with a later software update. So jailbreaking your PS3 is necessary to restore the functionality is was originally advertised as having.

Sony’s completely proportionate response to this has been to launch massive lawsuits against the people involved and now a sobpoena giving them the IP address of everyone who has visited sites and watched YouTube videos of how do it. I wouldn’t put it past them to then start legal proceedings against all of the IP addresses they find. This really is the front line in the corporate battle to control hardware.

More on Sony’s past record on this matter here, with extra Betamax irony…

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